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Pets, People, Progress. Human progression & economic growth drive our values and goals.

Three photographs of young girls in school, staff carrying milk from yaks and a classroom of school children

We created The Original Himalayan Dog Chew® not only to delight dogs, but to drive positive social change. We believe corporate social responsibility starts here, with us.

Himalayan Pet Supply established an exclusive partnership with Manaram, a local organization in Nepal that is certified by the World Fair Trade Organization. Manaram shares our vision for human progression and economic growth and strives to help eliminate poverty in Nepal through production and trade. Together, we specifically focus on providing access to education for women and girls with efforts to improve women’s employment rate, advocate for fair wages, end child marriage, and improve women’s literacy.

Through the years – we’ve built strong partnerships throughout our Himalayan supply chain to help sustain this mission.

It starts with the 45,000 small family farms we source our milk from in Nepal. In order to partner with Himalayan Pet Supply, we require Farmers to provide access to education for their daughters to positively influence social change for women in Nepal.

The milk from local Farmers is then collected at Hill Collection Co-Ops, which are built and sustained by the local communities in Nepal to support economic progress. Manaram purchases milk from the Co-Ops, which is used to make The Original Himalayan Dog Chew.

Three photographs of young girls in school, staff carrying milk from yaks and a classroom of school children

Manaram Headquarters facility in Nepal is where The Original Himalayan Dog Chew Cheese Chews are crafted. Manaram is focused on improving women’s employment rate, unfair wages and working conditions. Manaram Headquarters is a woman-run facility, with women representing 80% of the workforce. Women receive fair and equal pay for their work and the facility meets USA standards for safety (SQF Certified Facility, Annually Inspected & Approved for Export by the USDA).

The Manaram Foundation was founded to support women’s safety & literacy in Nepal. Through these efforts, we're able to support education, equality, and safety efforts. So far, the Manaram Foundation has contributed:

  • 135 Libraries
  • 200,000+ BOOKS DONATED

For every pound of the Original® Himalayan Dog Chew® Cheese Chew sold, we donate 1 textbook to one of the 135 libraries (and counting!) we have built in partnership with the Manaram Foundation.

We strive to be industry leaders through our values-driven practices and use our privilege as an organization to help communities support human progress and economic growth – which has been the key to our core values since the beginning.

Photograph of kids studying together
Founders of Himalayan Pet Supply standing in front of one of their first booths

Our Story

Every action we take in our life has a greater impact than we imagine.

We are the creators and makers of the Original® Himalayan Dog Chew®: a hard cheese chew that's crafted using an ancient cultural technique from Nepal, reimagined for dogs to create a safe, digestible, long-lasting chew. Read our story!

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Manaram Staff collecting cooked cheese chews

Crafting our hard cheese chews

The Original® Himalayan Dog Chew® is a hard cheese chew crafted using an ancient technique from Nepal. Our team spent 4 years re-engineering the cultural recipe by removing the lactose and fat to create a healthy, long-lasting chew for dogs.

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Himalayan Pet Supply hard cheese chew lineup LACTOSE FREE + GLUTEN FREE + GRAIN FREE +100% NATURAL


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