The Original® Himalayan Dog Chew® is a hard cheese chew crafted using an ancient cultural technique from Nepal. Our team spent four years re-engineering the ancient recipe by removing the lactose and fat content to create a healthy, savory long-lasting chew for dogs.

We work with 45,000 small family farms that have anywhere from 1 to 30 yaks and cows. Our local facility in Nepal purchases milk daily, which supports the local economy. We test the milk in our facility for pathogens, moisture, and water activity. The milk is then heated to kill pathogens and tested for optimal fat-to-water ratio before the cream (fat) is separated & removed.

We cook the milk at a high temperature, breaking down the lactose to create a hard curd that can then become our signature cheese chew. The cheese is aged and pressed, changing the texture and sharpening the flavor. Once the cheese has satisfied its aging requirement, it is smoked similarly to jerky, hand-sorted, buffed, and packed, creating the irresistible long-lasting chew your pet loves.

By implementing multiple checks for quality to ensure easier digestibility, The Original® Himalayan Dog Chew® sets a standard for yak milk chews within the pet treat industry. We provide dogs and their owners with products that are high-quality, long-lasting, and made with our global communities in mind.

Photographs showing raising yaks, collecting their milk, cooking, inspecting and finally dogs enjoying cheese chews

Social Change

We believe social responsibility starts here, with us. We are honored to work alongside thousands of small business farmers to continue to support initiatives enabling access to education for women and girls, and programs that provide economic opportunities and autonomy for women in Nepal.

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Founders of Himalayan Pet Supply standing in front of one of their first booths

Our Story

Every action we take in our life has a greater impact than we imagine.

We are the creators and makers of the Original® Himalayan Dog Chew®: a hard cheese chew that's crafted using an ancient cultural technique from Nepal, reimagined for dogs to create a safe, digestible, long-lasting chew. Read our story!

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Himalayan Pet Supply hard cheese chew lineup LACTOSE FREE + GLUTEN FREE + GRAIN FREE +100% NATURAL


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