Toy Bundle – Everyday Chewer


Key Benefits:

Extends the life of your chew
Long-lasting chew
Powerful, puzzling, and protective -Engineered to perfectly fit our Himalayan Dog Chew YUM, Churro, and Bully Sticks



Does your dog chew & swallow things faster than a speeding bullet? Look no further, the Himalayan Dog Chew Everyday Chewer Toy Bundle is here to save the day! Extend the life of your chew while protecting your pup from gulping down the end of their chew. The Everyday Chewer Toy Bundle takes the guesswork out of protecting your pup while keeping them busy with hours of chewing entertainment. Our Everyday Chewer Toy Bundle comes with our Jughead Slim chew guardian and our yakyYUM cheese; a perfect fit inside the Jughead Slim.

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