AnimaStuffie Beau


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Stuffie toys are soft plush toys for your pup. These toys are designed with an open back so you can stuff an article of your clothing to calm and comfort your pup with your natural scent. They are great for crate training and leaving with your pet while you are away.

Key Benefits:

  • Calm and comfort your pet with your own natural scent
  • Great for crate training
  • Fantastic for short- or long-term boarding situations
  • Wonderful tool to help with separation anxiety training


Washing instructions:

Animastuffie Beau should only be cleaned using a surface washing only method, meaning that for the integrity of the plush material, it is best to wash them by hand with a damp cloth.



AnimaStuffie Beau is a calming toy that is easily customizable for your pet. Simply open the back and stuff a sock or another article of clothing/fabric that has your scent on it. That way, a part of you is always near when you are gone. Great for crate training, boarding or just-because. Pair with Cubits for efficient training to overcome separation anxiety.

Available in Beau, Edie, and Tula. Surface washable only