AniBoneNanzas Blue


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AniBoneNanzas wiggle, jiggle, get the kibble! Fill with your dog’s favorite kibble or small treat for extra puzzling play! The dental rope prevents the treat from coming out too fast and helps stimulate and clean your dog’s teeth.



AniBoneNanzas Blue is the perfect, challenging toy for the inquisitive friend. These toys have the added benefit of cleaning teeth and gums. Simply fill the hollow with kibble or other small treats like our Cubits and let your pup play! The dental rope prevents treats from coming out too fast!

Available in Blue, Green, and Orange

Advice for use

  • Supervise consumption
  • Discard small pieces
  • Replace if damaged


  • Bone: 100% nontoxic rubber
  • Rope: 50% cotton/ 50% polyester

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