Hues of Chews

All of our chews are naturally smoked for the same amount of time. The different hues of each chew indicate how close (or far away) it was from the smoke during the curing process. Our chews are handmade and hand placed on the curing racks so there will always be variations in color, shape, and aroma.


The smokiness can vary depending on the location of the chew in the smokehouse along with the type of smokehouse the hew was smoked in. We have many farmers and herdsmen around the world with a variety of different smokehouses. Some are thatched huts, some are smoked over an open fire, and some smokehouses are completely enclosed in an industrial fashion. The enclosure, along with each individual chews’ placement within that smokehouse, determines the strength of smokiness in our chews.


Our chews are handcut to decrease size variation as much as possible. During the cutting process, “cheese dust” can be left on the chews and can appear on our products from time to time. This is a normal part of our production processes.


Our smokehouses and huts sometimes use grills and racks in the process of smoking our Himalayan Cheese. The natural smoking process yields a variation of colors and patterns depending on each smokehouse.


These little spots might look silly, but they are simply the result of smoke liquidizing in the air during the smoking process. This causes tiny droplets that fall and make small dark spots, which we nicknamed ‘smoke freckles.’