Dog Parent’s Handbook on Finding the Best Dog Treats

Dog Parent’s Handbook on Finding the Best Dog Treats

Dog parents find themselves entangled with too many opinions about diet and daily food habits. But we got to stick to facts! So, let us find answers to what a dog advisor has to say on the most popularly shot questions.

Vegetarian Dog Food: Yay or Nay?

The discussion can go on and on. People have opinions differing poles apart. Your dog might be fine with a vegetarian diet or might even enjoy it to the fullest, but you need to know whether that is recommended for them now. Dogs are omnivorous, and therefore, they would preferably eat meat. Dogs need a high-protein diet. You can source a part of it from vegetables, but the primary source of protein would always be non-vegetarian food. 

You can always feed fruits and vegetables to pups. But as they grow, you need to increase the protein quotient in the meals. Falling short of protein, your dog might face issues like weak bones and muscles, and low energy. The severity of the condition might lead to kidney and liver issues. Dogs require essential amino acids which can be better sourced from a non-vegetarian diet. Undoubtedly, dogs are adorable when they are playful and naughtier. Non-veg meals keep your dog high on energy levels and fulfill all the nutritional requirements. Therefore, a non-vegetarian diet is a necessity for the good health of dogs. 

How to Make Dog Food at Home?

Dog nutrition is a tricky matter. While some human foods can do wonders for a dog’s nutrition, other foods can be harmful to their health. You always need to consider the food items that your dog is intolerant. Every dog is unique. You also need to know the likes and dislikes of your dog before you plan the meals for your dog. Your little bundle of joy deserves savory-rich delicacies. Taste influences the appetite of your dog as well. 

Make sure that you are coming up with balanced meals fulfilling the nutrient requirements of your dog. Any excessive or deficit nutrient in your dog’s body can cause health issues. Use ingredients that are safe and essentially good for your dog’s health. Ingredients like chocolate, avocado, onions, garlic, etc. can be toxic for your dog. Another tip for all dog parents is to follow the recipes from credible sources. Most of the recipes are vague instructions. But there are a few recipes that can bring you valuable information. You can even find alternative ingredients to prepare food for your dog if you feel that your dog is allergic to a few ingredients. 

How Imperative is it to Feed Your Dogs the Treats and Chew?

Your dogs might be pouncing on the yummy treats and chews. But are they good for your dog? To answer your queries, here is a brief discussion asserting how imperative treats and chews are for dogs.

Firstly, when you have behavioral training sessions with dogs, you can use treats to trigger the reward mechanism. Sometimes your dog might not be able to handle the sheer pressure of not being reciprocated with the love they need. Chews can keep them yummily entangled in something that they love to do so that they can cope with separation anxiety efficiently. 

Dogs should have treats and chews to have a healthier and longer life. Few treats and chews bring a visible difference in your pet’s well-being like shiny coats, playfulness, etc. 

Choose the brand of treats and chews that ensures holistic growth instead of selecting a savory-rich delicacy without any long-term health virtues. 

Final Words:

Bringing a dog to your place is all about having a constant companion to combat loneliness. But what next? Dog parenting heads from a space of sheer responsibility and parent-like dedication. Dog parents get paranoid about every little thing that they buy for their fur angels. Diet is a rocky part for the dog parents to understand. But we hope that we could give you ample insights on a dog advisor’s take on the FAQs.


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