1. What are Himalayan Dog Chews?
Himalayan Dog Chews are a hard cheese chew for dogs. This long-lasting chew is a great alternative to rawhide or “body parts”. Our chews are lactose, grain, gluten, soy, and corn free. They are made using a single ingredient- CHEESE. Himalayan Dog Chews contain no artificial colors or flavoring.

2. Does HDC expire? I read that Himalayan Cheese Chews can become moldy.
Yes- HDC does expire but after a LONG shelf life. Most chews can last up to 5 years when stored appropriately. All chews should be kept in an airtight package avoiding extreme heat or cold weather. When chews are exposed to too much moisture they can mold. On the opposite end, when stored in too cold of temperatures, the chews can lose moisture and become brittle.

3. Is Himalayan Cheese good for Dogs?
Our Himalayan Cheese is great for dogs! It’s an alternate source of protein and helps provide mental stimulation along with healthy gums and teeth.

4. How long will Himalayan Chews last?
These long-lasting chews will likely last your pup some time! However, the exact duration time of how long a chew can last is dependent on the dog. Our chews are known to last up to 7X longer than a bully stick.

5. Why are some chews darker or lighter in color?
This is what we call the hues of chews! Colors can vary depending on the location of the chew while in the smoker. The darker the chew indicates the chew was closer to smoke while the lighter indicates being further away. Occasionally you may even see little dark freckles along the chews. This is from moisture build-up within the containers – little bits of liquid smoke drip down onto the chews enhancing the flavor that much more for your pup!

6. Why do some chews smell stronger than others?
The smokiness can vary depending on the location of what type of “smokehouse” the chew has been smoked in. We have many farmers and herdsmen around the world with a variety of smokehouses; some are thatched huts, some are smoked over an open fire and some smoke houses are completely enclosed in an industrial fashion. The enclosure determines the strength of smoky aroma in our chews.

7. Are your chews still made from yak’s milk? Many other companies have “100% yak milk”.
There is no way to guarantee any yak chew is made from 100% yak milk. Our chews have always contained both yak and cows milk from farmers and herdsmen abroad. Our in-house, Washington state made, chews are 100% cows milk.

8. I’m from outside the US; what countries do you sell to?
We sell our chews all over the world! Canada, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, EU, Mexico, and Australia!

9. Cheese is in many of your products; will it upset my dog’s stomach?
No. When given intermittently, cheese should not upset your dog’s stomach. Our cheese has the lactose removed making it easily digestible.

10. Is Himalayan Dog Chew digestible?
Himalayan Dog Chews are all natural and easily digestible.

11. What products are good for my older, younger, etc dog?
Older and young dogs would do well with our Himalayan Bone Chew and any product from our yakySNACKS line. Because our Himalayan Bone Chews are hand pressed into molds, the texture is softer than our original chews. The addition to vegetable glycerin in our yakySNACKS makes a softer product, therefore easier for older or younger pups to chew.

12. Can you add me to your store locator?
We invite you to register through the retailer portal of our website. From there you can manage your store’s location(s) as well as see product, pricing and place orders.

13. How do I find out about specials and promotions?
We are happy to add you to our monthly promotional email blast. From here you will see all current promotions being run. You are also welcome to reach out to our sales team to inquire about additional promotions. Sales@Himalayandogchew.com

14. Do you/can you support our event and store with samples/swag/marketing materials?
Yes- typically we are happy to support your events with samples, swag, and marketing materials! You will also find all current and approved logos, sell sheets and other retailer resources on our website.

15. Which Distributor’s carry your product?
Many distributors across the states and internationally carry our product. Please reach out to our sales team so we can better direct you to the exact distributor in your state.