Generally speaking this is our recommendations for sizing:
Small (blue bag) is recommended for dogs under 15 lbs.HDC-Blue-front.jpg
Medium (green bag) is recommended for dogs under 35 lbs.HDC-Green-front.jpg
Large (red bag) is recommended for dogs under 55 lbs.HDC-Red-front.jpg
XL (gray bag) is recommended for dogs under 70 lbs.HDC-Gray-front-01.jpg
Big dog (red vertical bag - limited avail.) is recommended for dogs over 70 lbs.HDC-Big-Dog-front.jpg
Mixed bag (yellow bag) is recommended for dogs under 65 lbs.HDC-Yellow-front-01.jpg
Going up in size is never an issue and is completely appropriate; however, we do not recommend giving your dog a smaller size than the recommended weight classification as this can cause potential choking or blockage issues. If your dog has a larger mouth and jaw (example, Pit Bull) or is a voracious chewer then it is recommended to size up.

If it appears as though your dog is going to swallow the entire product or a large piece at any time, then it should be taken away and can be reintroduced at a later time if appropriate. In fact we would recommend that all dogs be supervised at all times after being given any toy or treat not just our chews.

With all this being said, we do understand that there will always be some dogs that will be unable to tolerate our chews. In some cases stomachs may be very sensitive to lactose even though there is a negligible amount remaining, just as humans are. Ultimately, owners are very aware of their own dogs’ limitations with different types of food and we recommend discontinuing use if you feel there is an intolerance or issue and recommend trying one of our other many treats and chews.

Other potential hazards that could arise may include but are not limited to: choking, indigestion, blockage and breakage of teeth. Please use your best judgment when deciding if our product is right for your dog and always supervise your dog during consumption and remove immediately if any concerning factors arise.

The sodium content in our Himalayan Dog Chews is .02%. It is used as a flavor enhancer, not for the flavor itself.
We remove most of the fat and lactose in the process of making our Himalayan Dog Chews. What remains is a very negligible amount that sits at .9% fat content per chew. The lactose that remains is so negligible that it can be considered lactose free under the FDA standards which sits at .2%.
Calorie content for our Himalayan Dog Chews is as follows:
Small - (for dogs under 15 lbs) - 359 calories per bagHDC-Blue-front.jpg
Medium (for dogs under 35 lbs) - 256 per bagHDC-Green-front.jpg
Large (for dogs under 55 lbs) - 359 calories per bagHDC-HDC-Red-front.jpg
X-large (for dogs under 70 lbs) - 614 calories per bagHDC-Gray-front-01.jpg
Big Dog (for dogs over 70 lbs - limited avail.) - 837 calories per bagHDC-Big-Dog-front.jpg
Mixed - (for dogs under 65 lbs) - 1,179 calories per bagHDC-Yellow-front-01.jpg

Our Himalayan Dog Chews are great because there is minimal waste to them. When your dog chews the chew down to a small "end nub" piece where you would normally toss it due to potential choking or swallowing hazards, you can pop it in the microwave for 45-60 seconds (based on an 1100 watt microwave - add 10 second increments if not fully puffed) and it will puff up into a crunchy cheese puff treat that we call yakyPUFFS. Just place the piece in the microwave (NOT recommended to put on a paper towel), puff up, let it cool for 2 minutes and your dog will have a new exciting treat to enjoy!

Our Himalayan Dog Chews have a best buy date of five years. Although Himalayan Dog Chews rarely go bad, if you see fibrous light white or greenish blue spots on the chew please discontinue use and contact us by email or phone and please have this information retained: size of chew purchased, Lot number (starts with an L and ends in four numbers)and where this was purchased. This is a sign of mold growth which is a natural side effect of our chews. Please retain the chew in a sealed bag and we will guide you on what to do with it. In turn we will certainly send you a replacement chew.date_code-0141.jpg

Most dogs when swallowing pieces of our Himalayan Dog Chew, digest these pieces and expel them, however, if the piece of chew is too large, this could result in vomiting up the piece or causing a potential blockage as the piece will not have enough time in the digestive system to be able to break down fully before it needs to be expelled one way or the other.

Non concerning pieces are generally small being the size of a dime or smaller and we have yet to hear about any issues with sharp pieces causing issues. This also varies however due to the size of the dog vs. the size of the chew. A Great Dane will be able to pass a much larger piece than a teacup Chihuahua would. If you have any concerns on whether your dog has consumed too large of a piece, please notify us by contacting customerservice@himalayandogchew.com or calling us at 425-322-4295 or toll free at 1-855-414-5153. If you feel this may be a life threatening or serious issue, please contact your veterinarian immediately. We always recommend monitoring your dog for changes in behavior including but not limited to: listlessness, vomiting, lack of eating or drinking and lack of bowel movements. We recommend doing what you feel is best for your dog being monitoring your dog or consulting with your veterinarian. With all this being said, the amount of instances seen with serious injuries have been very minimal and have always been the result of an extremely large piece swallowed which is never recommended.

Even a single dog that is injured is too many in our eyes so please notify us if you have an issue or concern or comment and please retain as much information as you can including: size of chew purchased, lot number on the bag, where purchased, specifics of the concern, etc. As safety and quality are our top priorities, we rely on this information to help us evaluate our products, packaging, etc. and getting this information from you, the customer, is the best source to help us identify issues and updates.

Our Himalayan Dog Chews are not made of bone but cheese. However, our chews are hard and can have properties similar to a bone which is why we disclose the FDA’s recommendation on bones. Please visit: http://www.fda.gov/ForConsumers/ConsumerUpdates/ucm208365.htm for more information regarding the FDA’s recommendations on bones for dogs.

After opening your Himalayan Dog Chew, store it in a cool dry place. If the chew sits in moisture or is resealed in a bag for more than an hour then this can cause the cheese to mold. We recommend placing it on a counter or in a cupboard and allow it to air dry. Refrigerating is not recommended as this will result in moisture loss and will cause the chew to crack and become brittle.

We are currently moving to a best buy date code on our Himalayan Dog Chews and other products, however, if you receive a package that has a code which looks like a date (ex. 1236515) this is a Julian date code and is the production or manufacturing date of our product. In the example the 12 = month, the 365 = 365th day of the year, and the 15 = year. In short this chew would have been produced on December 31st 2015. Our Himalayan Dog Chews have a best buy date of five years so this chew would be best buy December 31st 2020. If you have questions about our other products please email customerservice@himalayandogchew or call us at 425-322-4295 or toll free at 1-855-414-5153.date_code-0141.jpg

We do not have a manufacturing facility to make our Himalayan Dog Chews. Instead we collect the finished product from rural community co-ops in the Himalayas (currently Eastern Nepal and the mountains of West Bengal in India), which use traditional methods in making it for human consumption as well. They are then shipped to our facility in Mukilteo, WA where we inspect them for quality and packaging. We do have facilities for manufacturing our USA made products such as yakySTICKS, yakyCHEW, yakyCHURRO, and much more.
Our Ruff Roots were recalled in early/mid 2015 around April/May for metal contamination. The only affected Ruff Roots were shipped to Petsmart. These were recalled by lot numbers and all the affected Ruff Roots were collected by the end of May. All Ruff Roots on the market now are safe and ready for your dog to enjoy. For any more information regarding the recall please email customerservice@himalayandogchew or call 425-322-4295 or toll free at 1-855-414-5153.

Ruff Roots are an amazing chew toy! The natural tannins in them work to clean the teeth and mouth and act as nature’s mouth wash! How long your dog will chew is really dependent on your personal dog’s personality and traits, however, the tannins in Ruff Roots are an astringent and tend to dry out the dogs tongue/mouth (similar to us drinking tea or wine), causing aggressive chewers to take a break usually in the 20-30 minute timeframe. They will usually go get some water which allows a break for them to regulate their chewing and extends the longevity of the toy.

Our Ruff Roots are made to be a chew toy and are not intended to be a "treat" for consumption similar to Nylabones. Most dogs will be able to get small "pencil shaving" like pieces off and if these are ingested they will pass as fiber since our Ruff Roots are 60% fiber. Like any toy, these can be destroyed if your pet is an EXTREME chewer. Please supervise while at play and if you notice any concerning pieces that are torn off please remove and discard.

If your dog seems confused by our Ruff Root, try spreading a thin layer of our delicious low calorie leanlix or some peanut butter over part of the toy. Once your dog knows that he is allowed to chew on it the chewing usually ensues. While we always want our dogs to love what we give them some dogs will just not be interested. If you have exhausted all options and your dog still doesn’t like it then this just may not be the right fit for your dog.
Our bully sticks are sourced from both North America and South America.

The cows and yaks in Nepal are raised in sheds, the way it has always been done. No modern equipment or techniques are used in raising and milking the animals. They graze on open grasslands or are brought fresh-cut grass by their families and have never been introduced to hormones, prophylactic antibiotics or chemicals. Cows and yaks are also considered sacred life-givers and are directly responsible for the improved economic situation for their families.Nepal farming (2).jpg

We are proud that our current beyond Fair Trade policy is contributing to the economic development of the world's second poorest nation in Nepal. We purchase directly from farmers, and help them earn in one year what they would have only been able to make in five years by selling the chews. As of 2016, there are over 9,200 farmers who produce chews for the Himalayan Dog Chew brand.Nepal farming (1).jpg