Benefits of Buying Healthy Dog Chews

Benefits of Buying Healthy Dog Chews

You may have been surfing the web recently in search of the best chew for your dog. It can be challenging to discern which chew is best suited to provide the healthiest and highest quality chewing entertainment. We covered that topic in a previous blog. Today, let’s jump into our guide to the benefits of purchasing healthy dog chews. 

Together in this quick blog, we’ll dive into the contributing factors in healthy dogs, the benefits of the healthier choice, and how to supplement your routine with chews and treats.

A Quick Overview of the Dog Health

Various factors contribute to balancing your dog’s health. Achieving this balance requires you to pay attention to the health intricacies of your doggo. Healthy habits take you a long way. Key areas you should not spare your focus on are exercise, food & water intake, and routine.

Dogs are creatures of habit and thrive in routine environments. Establishing routines or schedules lets your pup know what to expect and when to expect it. 

Before we hop into healthy chews, let us take a quick look at some examples of unhealthy chews and treats. Topping lists nearly everywhere is rawhide. Rawhide is known to cause digestive irritation and blockages as it is not easily digestible. No-hide is no-different and should be a no-go with every pet parent. Players in this category have long stood by claims that their products contain no trace of the animal hide, except new studies suggest that some of these products carry animal hide, making their digestibility rate much slower than single-ingredient chews. 

Next on our list is highly processed chews. A big giveaway for this category is their long ingredient labels with words the average adult would have difficulty pronouncing. Finally, chews carrying high starch contents or ingredients derived from corn, soy, and wheat. Unlike humans, dogs have no amylase in their saliva, the enzyme that breaks down starches. Our four-legged friends also have shorter GI tracts, making them less efficient at breaking down starch-based ingredients. 

Onto the Benefits of Healthy Chews!

Supplementing Essential Nutrients: Depending on the food you provide for your pet, they receive ample amounts of nutrients, but they could still be missing out on vital minerals and nutrients. 

Shiny Fur Coat: Shiny fur coat is an indication of good health. Chews with coconut can benefit our dog’s skin and coats. The oils from the coconut have anti-inflammatory properties that will help reduce hot spots and dry, itchy skin. 

Healthy Digestion: Anything you feed your pup should be light on the digestive system and not overwhelm their gut. Health & Wellness chews with probiotics and prebiotics can help supplement gut health and maintain a healthy digestive system. 

Graceful Aging: Aging is a constant process, and joint health is especially prevalent in certain breeds. Treats comprised of Omega-3 fatty acids will help promote good joint health in addition to supporting the heart, skin, and kidneys. 

Cognitive Development: We previously mentioned that exercise plays a key role in your pooch’s wellbeing. Mental workouts are equally as integral as physical exercise. The act of chewing helps stimulate your pup while satisfying their natural need to chew. For more info on this topic, read our blog that touches on the reasons why dogs chew.

Final Words:

Are you still thinking about ways to supplement your pet’s health with treats and chews? Head over to Himalayan Pet Supply and check out some of the many benefits our treats and chews offer.


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