We’ve had a loyal following since our inception in 2003, but in February 2015 we took our products to the main stage, appearing on ABC’s Shark Tank. In the episode, we pitched our Himalayan Pet Supply all-natural yak cheese dog chews to the sharks. While we didn’t leave with a deal, we left with the exposure we needed to share our dog chewsdog treatsdog toys, and dog gear with the world. From Nepal to the USA and beyond, we believe in our Himalayan Dog Chew and are grateful for the opportunity to spread our story. After the show, we were pleased to find we were a hit online and were featured in several articles and blogs. Check out a few excerpts below!

“There’s a new type of canine chew on the market that actually lives up to all the hype surrounding them – Himalayan Dog Chews. It’s easy to see why they’re already tremendously popular with the mutt-loving set. To start, Himalayan Dog Chews, which are essentially an extremely hard cheese, are made with a total of just four ingredients – yak milk, cow milk, salt, and lime juice. That’s it. No wonky preservatives, additives, or colors added in. The chews are made and fairly sourced from small-operation Nepalese farmers, though the company itself is based in the USA.

So what makes this cheesy chew stand out from everything else out there? They’re very safe, when they’re given properly, compared to other edible chews like rawhides or beef bones, since they don’t break off in little pieces that could choke or injure your pup. Can we talk about long lasting durability? Most dogs go through ordinary pet chews in a matter of minutes, perhaps hours. Himalayan Dog Chews will last for hours at least, or even weeks in many cases, as your dog has to slowly work away at the chew to even soften it enough to scrape small parts away with their teeth. While smell, carpet staining, or bacterial accumulation can be an issue with other kinds of chews, this product has a mild odor, doesn’t make a huge mess, and, since there are no dyes or meat products in the Himalayan chew, it won’t stain furniture or carpets either. They’re highly digestible! In fact, Durometer tests have even been performed on the chews to determine how quickly they would dissolve in stomach acid – which, by the way, happens to be much faster than bones, antlers or rawhide. They contain no meat protein – this is a great benefit for those owners of long-suffering pets with beef, chicken or grain allergies.”

– All Shark Tank Products

“Dog owners, can I get an “amen” that you want to give your dog the best in life? From toys, to cuddles, to fancy dog treats, the sky is the limit when it comes to spoiling your pup, and in return you get the unconditional love only a dog can give. Even though it probably makes no difference to my dog, I want him to feel like he is living the luxe life, and sometimes that means giving him healthy, all-natural snacks so his little dog tummy can dine like a king. That’s where Himalayan Dog Chew comes in, courtesy of Shark Tank.”
– Bustle

“Who knew that such a simple product as a yak and cow milk dog chew was going to be such a big earner? The Himalayan Dog Chew is a product featured in… “Shark Tank”… and there is not a whole lot negative we can say about the product.”
– Cartermatt

“Our dog absolutely loves Himalayan dog chews… This dog treat is awesome and all natural. Our dog absolutely loves them. This ancient food has been turned into a nutrient packed dog treat… Himalayan or Everest cheese is a fully digestible, all natural, long lasting dog chew. This is a great treat for every dog: from the smallest Chihuahua to the largest XXL breeds. It is hands down the longest lasting dog chew… The original Himalayan dog chew company was actually featured on an episode of Shark Tank in the U.S.A.”
– This Is Dog